Assalamualaikum, and salam sejahtera dear all. Today my first born turned 5 years old. How time flies. Happy birthday Amanda Imani. No celebration as mom decided we will throw a birthday bash maybe in two years time, by the time you are 7, your sister will be 5 and 3, that is when you will understand more. And appreciate better hihi. (Mommy budget mode on!)

Thank you Mommy Long for the cake heheh

I still remember the moment I held you in my arms for the first time. It was mixed feelings. Hello, I am now a mother? I delivered this 2.8 creature? I did it? Did I made through the contractions?

Mom was at that moment, still not sure of what I wanted you to call me. Whether its ‘Ibu’, ‘mommy’, ‘ummi’ or even Bonda. Sorry sayang. It was undecided even up till now I feel like wanted to change to IBU. It sounds softer hahahha.

This post is for you, you can read it here once you have access to gadget, well, that maybe in 10 years time hihi. The moment I gave birth to you, was the moment I will remember. Thank you for making me a mother.

Thanks for being a good sister. Thanks for being a good daughter.

Semoga Amanda Imani menjadi anak solehah, saham syurga mom dan papa. Menyenangkan orang sekeliling. Ameen.

ALLAH swt jaga Amanda Imani, di mana saja awak berada. Jauhi dari kejahatan makhluk-Nya. Diberi kekuatan untuk melalui liku dunia, kerana hidup ni persinggahan sayang, akhirat sana tempat kita rehat. Don’t ever feel tired..

Now, let’s take a look at these, your 5 years milestones Sayang!

You were fresh from the oven, still can remember. The smell from heaven they said..
On your 1st month
You and Tokbah. Look at that yummy thigh. Tokbah called you Bambam, up until today. Thats where ‘Bam’ derived
Papa selfie and I did the collage hehe
I prepared everything to celebrate you 1st birthday, turned out we celebrated it in the hospital, you were admitted due to pneumonia
You were two. You were special, got to wear the RL. Hehe
We were at Hotel Perdana KB for Eid Fitr
We were at the Poring Hot Spring, Ranau, Sabah
You were 4 Sayang..
2018, mom was leaving for the Shaklee international trip to Europe
Making funny faces is your expertise

Dah besar dah. Dah banyak soal, sampai dia tanya, kenapa Amanda boleh makan Omega Guard 1 biji tapi mom dan papa 3 biji😌

Pagi-pagi, mom shake ESP, dia nak jugak Meal Shakes dia.

Dah besar banyak akal. Tapi dah tak ada episod warded setakat kita konsisten Omega Guard dan set anak sihat ni. Anak yang selalu demam dan selesema boleh cuba set anak sihat. Pasti akan berbaloi.

Oh, bulan birthday Amanda ni ada promo Omega tau! Jom order. Hehe.

Happy faces with a bottle of Meal Shakes mixed with beet root

Dapatkan Healthy Kids Set untuk si kecil anda di sini 😁

By Nina Salleh

Pengguna dan pengedar Shaklee,

Founder of The Brightstars

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