Maryam Tihani, a chosen one:D

Assalamualaikum and a very good day to all:)

It has been a long long long time since my last entry. Today I am a mother of two princesses namely Amanda Imani Mohd Farid and Maryam Tihani Mohd Farid:)

You might have read about Amanda Imani, now the 2nd had been delivered on Friday of 27/11/2015 at Hospital Raja Perempuan Zainab II which entitled her to a ’03’ on her identity card. Guess the husband is the happiest person since he is kinda loyal ’03’ resident close to ‘taksub’ haha. No just kidding.

I am writing eagerly to tell you readers about why I chose Maryam for my 2nd princess. It is because I think she is strong to survive , Alhamdulillah, despite my hard and difficult journey I had been through my 2nd pregnancy. Not to say the morning sickness, even it is quite bad but I think not that bad to compare to others, it was mentally and physically challenging.
With my new working environment. And my emotionally unstable almost everyday that my husband sometimes surrender to ‘layan’ me and even me myself don’t understand my hormones. It ruined my day. But my baby survived.
Thank you ALLAH swt for the strength I always in need.

So today, Maryam Tihani is 2months and 9 days. Weighing at 2.8 kg on the day she was born, she is now 4.8kg! Alhamdulillah fully breastfed up until today .

She is behaving well,just like her sister. Alhamdulillah..
I am now working hard to prepare expressed breast milk (ebm) for her. Really I am worried about short of stock when i start working, not much time from now.
Will be daparting to Sabah on 11/2/2016.
Hopefully the ebm stock can survive. I will share how I pack my ebm to be brought to Sabah from Kl.

Till next time!

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