Prince Court Medical Centre; My Experience

Assalamualaikum and good day to all
Alhamdulillah, Amanda Imani binti Mohd Farid is finally discharged after 6 days admitted here.
And I as her caregiver here had experienced bitter sweet of this medical centre.
Godek my blog and I found this entry as draft, dates 2 years ago. With only that above 2 sentences written. Haha!

Alhamdulillah, I am here again, at Prince Court Medical Centre as the care taker for my 2nd daughter, admitted on the 27/12/16 due to fever intermittently for a week, associated with cough and runny nose. She was not tolerating orally well but active as usual. My concern is that she was once admitted to Ampang Hospital due to bronchopneumonia, afraid that this is the recurrence.
Blood test was done prior to admission at the Emergency Department shown the high count of White Cell Count of 21×10⁹/L which mean infection is going on in her body and the body is fighting.
Ok regarding my experience here at PCMC, upon arrival, the nurse will check the temperature and other vital signs and simple history taking will be done at the triaging room (I assume) because it is inside the room. There will be no primary or secondary triage as per government hospital setting, but of course if you bring somebody unconscious or no breathing no pulse, you will skip this part and straight away will be pushed to the so-called Red Zone.
If you are one that used with the busy and hectic emergency department, you will be shocked because the ED here is so calm and peace that even the footstep is heard. HAHA
As long as I know that there will always be blood test prior to prescription of antibiotic and antiviral or whatever kind of medication, it is good enough. At least, the medication is given with indication. 
To date, I have been here for the 4th time! 3 times admission of Amanda, even I have bad experience with one of the specialist here during Amanda’s 1st admission, sorry to say but that doctor is not suitable for pediatrician 😢
Well, experience is the best teacher.
For my (read= daughter) next admission, I did some research and I have changed to Dr Feizal. And still stick with Dr Feizal for Maryam.
A very soft spoken and know how to approach a children, I like his style. Alhamdulillah, at least the kids looks comfortable and not crying like the 1st doctor, menangis macam jumpa apa je.
During my first visit, I was afraid looking at the building. The rate must be higher to compare to other private hospital. Since I am using the medical card, which has its limit for the room rate, my medical card might not support the rate but then Alhamdulillah, even the rate saying its RM280/night for this kind of room, when it comes to final bill, it was written RM150/night not sure how it was calculated.
Most important, covered by the insurance. HAHA!
I am satisfied with the room, only one patient per room, you can bring the whole family to keep you accompanied. 
For the below 2 children, the baby cot will be provided.
Each room will have 1 sofa bed and 1 mini fridge, more or less like a hotel. But this is free hotel.
From where I seat, LCD TV is provided with Astro Channel like HBO, FOX, RIA
The baby cot will be provided at no extra charge if the baby is less than 2 
Where I seat, can see the outside view. 
The foods are all delicious😤
You will need to choose the menu for you and the patient if patient is less than 12. The staff from food&beverages (F&B) will come everyday to take your order, only what’s in the menu book.
So choose your favorite for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
One of the menu for breakfast
Lunch/Dinner Menu 
Lunch/ Dinner Menu 
Nasi Lemak Best
The most exciting part for me is this part. Hehe,


Everyone should know that PCMC is really a good choice of private hospital, affordable and satisfied at least for me. hehe.
Oh ya, for the Prudential Takaful Medical Card holder, there will be no collection of deposit upon registration but as usual, if you are treated as outpatient, you will have to pay.
Hope it helps, I am looking forward to give birth here, InsyaALLAH, started saving for the 3rd already😝
One more ‘tabung’ created called ‘Tabung Bersalin di PCMC’ haha, from 100% of my Shaklee bonus, there will be a % for this ‘tabung’.
All the best to me.
Nina Salleh
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