Something the money can’t buy..

Assalamualaikum and good day to all.:)

Salam 17 Ramadhan.
Kalau tajuk tu nampak ‘wow’,sila abaikan sebab isinya tidak se’wow’ tajuk.Puiii..apa aku merepek ni..

Ada lagi lebih kurang 2 minggu masa aku untuk berkhidmat dengan company tempat aku berkerja sekarang.I’m resigning,yes,I am.
Why?Why is the most spontaneous question asked by many when I decided to leave this company.Why I am leaving?Friends are so friendly,no pressure (but sometimes it did pressing me,HAHA),salary is okay,bosses are very very humble which I thought I will never find the same anywhere other than in this company.
Why I am leaving?
The job scope is very straight to the point,just do it if got customer.(Customer will be hunted by the salesperson).I just have to wait in the office,do some reading,surfing internet,rest and sleep,watch tv,where got other place other than my current workplace?
But why still I want to leave?
Reason is I feel like I am wasting my time,wasting my ilmu which I studied for FOUR Years,(Ilmu tanpa amal ibarat pokok tidak berbuah).
Ya ALLAH,at some point I feel like menzalimi diri sendiri.I was taught to be a paramedic,mungkin kalau jadi paramedik aku boleh berdakwah.
I was so arrogant last time.Sebelum ni fikir tak mahu jadi paramedik,duduk ofis macam ni,pergi hospital kadang-kadang lagi best.Kerja paramedik,kerja shift,kerja tengah panas,tengah hujan,dengan ragam manusia yang pelbagai,siapa nak kan?
Tapi sekarang aku sedar,I have to stop doing what I am doing right now.
On 5th of September is going to be my last day here,in this company.
I learnt something,something that money can’t buy.Its your pleasure,your inner self.
Now I am ready to contribute for ummah,by being a paramedic,or lecturer in the same field that I can relay my knowledge to others.
I seek doa from ALLAH,semoga direzekikan perkerjaan yang bermaanfaat buat diriku khususnya dan agama-MU amnya.Ameen Ya Rabb..

Dear whoever reading this,
Doakan saya agar dapat perkerjaan yang bermaanfaat after this one.

Look for a job not just for money.

And for your info,
I’m resigning without any back up job.Going to be a full time housewife for a short time (hopefully)

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